Meet Wynne Stewart

Hi, I’m Wynne Stewart.  I was trained in hypnotherapy at The Ashland School of Hypnotherapy in Ashland, OR, where I completed a 200 hour course.  I am a Nationally Certified Hypnotherapist and am a Registered Hypnotherapist with the State of Washington.

My background includes an education in and completion of the qualifications for chemical dependency counseling; formerly, I was the Senior Case Manager of the inpatient department at The Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment. For the last 22 years I have had my own massage practice with emphasis on energy healing techniques.

I am the proud parent of two amazing adults and one grandchild. My life is an extension of who I am with my focus on my practice, family, fun, and service work.  As busy as I am, I’m grateful to have a life!


Wynne has an incredible grounding presence that allowed me completely let go and hold my experience in a more expansive way. – Asil

“Wynne has a beautiful and gentle way of attending to both mind and body with genuine care and concern.” – Lacy

“Wynne has such great humor and wisdom that comes from a really honest and grounded heart.” – Gabrielle

“Wynne’s beautiful smile lights up the room!  Her loving and grounding joyful presence encourage safety and familiarity.” – Adia

Wynne’s warm, generous spirit combined with a sincere and humble approach to her work opens people up and allows them to heal.

“Wynne is alive and enthusiastic creating a carefree place without pressure to work on what mattered to me.” – Shawn

Wynne is a powerful healer. She goes gently into the dark places and brings light to shine.


“Oh, Wynne! What a wonderful session.. getting to visit Mexico, and finally meeting my blue shrouded mystery woman!”

“ …supportive, knowledgeable and creative. I felt safe every time I worked with you.” – Erica

“[Wynne is] such  a strong force of healing and love. She helped me connect to the part of myself that has brought me great joy and direction.  She found my wings.” – Michelle

“Yes, Love is a good way to describe you, and humble, and sparkly, and generous.” – Kathleen

“Your big heart and beautiful sense of humor created a safe place to allow for deeper healing to occur. You are living in a lovely lightness to the work.” – Tanya

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